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The Technological Centre of Information Technologies and Communications (CENTIC), is a non-profit business association founded in August 2004 under the auspices of the Economy, Industry and Innovation Regional Ministry, the Institute for Industrial Development of Murcia (SPAIN).  CENTIC´s mission is the technological improvement of the companies in the ICT sector and other companies related to Information Technology, Telecommunications, Digital contents and Electronics.

Main activities are: innovation, knowledge management, quality improvement, promotion of research, technology introduction and development, and all actions which contribute to strengthen the competitive capacity and its progress in the fields of technology and company design in the ICT sector. CENTIC use to carry out collaborative projects with the regional Universities (UMU, UPCT, UCAM), and most of his 50 companies associated, reducing the gap from Investigation to Business.

CENTIC is member of European BDVA (Big Data Value Association). In Spain, CENTIC is also member of es.internet, evia, ticbiomed and thinktur among others associations and clusters. Centic is part of Technology Centers Regional Network that belongs to the Regional System of Science & Innovation supporting SMEs and MIDCAPS through many industrial sectors: Agriculture manufacturing food, Metallurgic, Maritime, Construction, Furniture, Stone, Plastic industries, Energy and sustainable environment.


  • Building networks for “collaborative knowledge exchange and research activities”, CENTIC can help their stakeholders an partner to solve defined and fostering opportunities of co-creation innovation. In order to maximize the benefits for those involved, CENTIC play a role in accelerating the communication between projects results and industries and encourage highly interactive “two way knowledge exchange”.
  • CENTIC not only create communicating channels but also simplify the process of by efficiently adopting existing knowledge, expertise and support from various stakeholders (industries) in order to make knowledge transfer spread widely. Also, by offering an international environment to enhance the collaboration among SMEs, CENTIC would be able to support the economic, cultural and sustainable development for our future business network and economy in the Region.
  • CENTIC emphasis the participation of people and SME´s as experts in the Industrial Internet and or Industry 4.0 in the region, furthermore DIH are clearly one step beyond in the Europe ICT Innovation for manufacturing industries. DIH could be considered as a trademark, that SME´s can get to show their commitment to support new disrupt technologies in their manufacturing processes or factories, increasing the competitiveness. CENTIC should be also considered a specialization venue where manufacturing related professionals could share implementation experiences and feedback about issues and success in the evolving industrial Internet and IOT.


  • A complete set of knowledge on both design and making, through theory and practice in the use cases of others international RTO that could be easily replicated.
  • A group of experts, not only the technology related staff, but also the heterogeneity of people and organizations coming together in the HUB, meeting and inspiring each other and collaborating eventually.
  • A culture of learning by making, innovating, sharing and collaborating.
  • New focus on open and participative design, digital manufacturing, open source hardware and software, dedicated user interfaces, the internet of things and advanced uses of ICT.
  • A supporting Digital Innovation HUB and Centres of Excellence international network, its diversity of people from many socio-economic backgrounds, their knowledge and experience and the network as a platform for distributed research, development and productions.
  • A track record of creating ICT solutions for industries issues e.g. derived from almost all the Industry projects results and the proposed sustainable development goals for the years to come


  • Research, Development and Innovation on a cooperative approach.
  • Technology risk mitigation and transfer to their ICT Partners.
  • Hardware and software test and evaluation services.
  • ICT advanced professional training.
  • Software Development Agile Methodologies implementation
  • Technological surveillance and competitive intelligence
  • Technology advice and consultancy services.


  • Artificial Intelligence (Deep & Machine Learning )
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality
  • Big Data and Analytics Cloud. Fog Computing
  • 2D/3D Image Analysis
  • Indoor Location Based systems
  • Gamification


Mr. Germán Sancho. Director Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. From 1986 to 1994 his work as a development engineer and project development companies in various national and international, private sector. During 1995 and 2005 he developed his work at the Institute of Development of the Region of Murcia ( regional development agency ) where his last position was Head of Innovation and ICT , responsible for promoting both in the region and responsible for aid programs . In 2005 step to fill the position of director of CENTIC, being responsible for its implementation and development. Therefore we can say that now has more than 25 years of experience, 15 years of them as a project manager.
Mr Pedro Arques. Project Manager.  Over 25 years experience in various aspects of IT and Telecommunications. Experience from startup, SME and Research Institute to multinationals, including multi country team leadership. Project Manager and senior consultant, with extensive experience in the Telecommunications Industry on complex multi-vendor projects. Strong customer facing skills. Appreciation of both technical and business aspects. Background in hardware & software development as well as product management. Specialties: IOT, Industry 4.0, IN, IMS, NGN, VoIP, Jain Slee, 3,5G, Wimax (LMDS), LBS, Android & IOS end-user apps, geo-positioning and Augmented Reality techs, requirements gathering, solution architecture, application design, multi-vendor systems integration.
Dr Joaquin Lasheras. Software Engineer. Doctor and Engineer in Computer Science from the University of Murcia. Since 2008 (5 years) works in the management and development of research and innovation projects mainly in the line of Software Engineering, in which participated ICT companies in the region of Murcia. In addition it is also currently engaged as a partner in teaching the subject UCAM Business Project Management professor. 5 years of previous experience as a researcher and professor at the University of Murcia .Now member of the SW Engineering group. Specialties : Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Software Reuse , Software Quality, Process Improvement, Project Management, Consulting CMMI.
Mr. José Miguel Bolarín Guillén BSc in Chemistry and MSc in Bioinformatics by the University of Murcia, and MSc in Applied Statistics by the UNED University, he is a data analysis and machine learning specialist with more than 10 years  of experience. He started his research career at the University of Murcia, taking part in different  projects in the fields of food quality control and environmental monitoring. He then moved to Arrixaca  Hospital in Murcia, joining a biomedical research group and performing biostatistical and  bioinformatical tasks. Aferwards he joined the company AunnaIT, working in the areas of process  automation and telecommunications, and since 2019 he works as data scientist for CENTIC.


  1. MAPIS
  2. MuFUSION 3D
  5. BEinCPPS
  6. CPS-PSAP112, CENTIC´s  project in cooperation with ANSWARE Technologies S.L,  has been recently granted within the H2020 3rd Open Call for innovation projects in one of the European Cyber-Physical System Engineering Labs (CPSE-Labs), located at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and managed by INDRA Sistemas S.A. The proposed project and experiment: “Drones, eCall and Cyber Physical Systems for Public Safety Answering Points 112 (CPS-PSAP112)” consists in the evaluation of the use of SOFIA2 platform for emergency response. It includes the development and the integration of interfaces from external sources of information such as drones and the eCall system into the Internet of Things (IOT) SOFIA2 platform to provide new services for crisis and incident management.
  7. SMARTIE FP7 on going.CENTIC is collaborating with UMU and INFO partners in this project. Smartie intends to develop a Smart City Platform for data exchange between multiple providers with security and privacy solutions for IoT data. The CENTIC role in this project is related with the dissemination activities wp7 and introduction to business contacts in several brokerage events and fair trades, as IOT World Congress.
  8. 3D MOSAIC (ICT-AGRI Eranet 2012-14) Advanced Monitoring of Tree Crops for Optimized Management. Leadered by ATB Postdam (Leibniz Institut für Agratechnik), CENTIC has collaborated with SME Versas consultores in the specification design, development and integration of the decision support system and GIS database for precision agriculture experiments. The target of 3D-Mosaic is to promote precision management of orchards by means of a decision support system (DSS) aiming to optimize efficiency of inputs including water and to diminish the environmental footprint of fruit production.


CENTIC dependencies (180m2) are located at Science Park of Murcia, closed to the CAMPUS University of Murcia. Nowadays their three buildings are allocating several technological SME and start-ups and include a large number of real state services: main show room (100 seats), meeting rooms, co-working space, café and catering. Park activity is full of events and business meeting every week.

Updated: 03/2021