Free Live IoT Webinar, SMART AGRICULTURE, IoT benefits to Maximice ROI, Hoy 29 Junio, 16.00 h. #IoT #smartagriculture

Free live Iot Webinar Smart Agriculture

Worldwide organizations that work on the farming sector have realized the great potential that cutting edge technologies have to ease their daily works, reduce losses or improve the yield quantity and also product quality. The Internet of Things has opened a wide range in terms of possibilities for farmers and agricultural management organizations to make smart and strategic decisions.

Join Ana Sancho, Smart Agriculture & Water Industry Manager, in this webinar to take advantage of Libelium experience in one of the sectors where IoT has a greater potential. Discover what are the main challenges that companies have to face when developing a Precision Farming project and how to deal with them.

Smart Agriculture solutions can be applied in vineyards monitoring to enhance wine quality, improving product quality in fruit plantations, control conditions in greenhouses or increasing yields in cereal crops.

Join Libelium for a free live webinar on this issue, «Smart Agriculture: IoT Benefits to Maximize ROI» on Thursday, June 29 at 16.00 (CEST, Central European Summer Time. UTC+2).

She will present some of the most successful Libelium real projects developed in different countries adapting the needs of each crop and farmer.

The key topics of discussion during the webinar will include:

  • Libelium’s interoperability: the key for a fragmented market.
  • Main challenges in Smart Agriculture sector.
  • Agriculture, water and environmental products for farming projects.
  • Achieving a high and proved return of the investment.
  • Examples of real projects based on Libelium’s technology.
  • Questions and answers.

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